This economic recovery has been very challenging for our small businesses and working families, many of whom are still struggling to make ends meet. While Washington State has fared better than other states, it has affected everyone in every community. If we face these challenges by reforming government, restoring our economy, and supporting our communities Washington will emerge as a leading economy in the West.

In particular, my stance on specific issues are as follows:

Reforming Government

Government must live within its means. That is why I fought against the repeal of the Taxpayer Protection Act and opposed a state budget that spends much more than the state will receive in tax revenue.  People are understandably demanding more open, accessible government. The legislative process must become more public and in a manner that convinces constituents they are being heard.  I support the voter-approved initiatives to prevent the Legislature from raising taxes without a 2/3rds majority.

Restoring the Economy

We must allow our working families and small businesses to keep more of their hard earned money to sustain themselves during uncertain times and invest for the future.  That is why I opposed the laundry list of tax increases that have been proposed in recent years.  We also must ensure access to adequate, affordable water and energy supplies.

Supporting Communities

We must continue to make our communities safe and provide basic services and infrastructure.  We were successful in passing legislation to reduce our local gang problem, but we need to constantly improving our public safety policy.

I also fought against diverting money from the Public Works Trust Fund (intended for local infrastructure projects) into the General Fund to pay for more government programs.